This letter is just to tell you how delighted we are with our pool.


In particular I have been extremely impressed by how easy it is to care for. As you know this is something that had concerned me before its installation. It seems to be taking me little more than about 20 minutes a week to keep it sparkling - in fact it is a much bigger job to sweep the paving around it!


Also, of course, the support provided by Frontier Pools is impressive - you must be a very patient person to field pool calls on your mobile during the weekend.


With kind regards.


Patricia Graham
Epsom, Auckland.










So many thanks,


Absolutely delighted with pool steps.

The man who works for you deserves a huge wage increase, he worked so hard and was such a nice person.



Jean Webb



We are delighted with our pool, the kids have started swimming again and the colour is great...


Scott Bennett

Hillsborough, Auckland




I wish to record formally to your company our satisfaction with the installation of our concrete pool system to our home in Clevedon. I mention the word, system, because it wasn't until thorough investigations I realised it wasn't just the structure of the pool we had to consider.


Having now had the pool run for almost 12 months the system suggested and designed by yourselves has proven to exceed our expectations. Being the busy person that I am having automatic cleaning and automatic chlorine feeder has made the pool virtually shelf managing.


From day one the professional management of your various subcontractors performed on time and at all times the site was clean and tidy ready for the next trades group. Whilst your quotation was competitive with the market you can not put a value on service and professional project management of trades people. Having heard many horror stories in the market place it gave us peace of mind to see the professional progress and the end result. I also must commend your company in the professional after sales service. Many times we have experienced that once you have paid your cheque, you are forgotten as a customer, however even the smallest problem, which usually was our problem, was attended to immediately with a great attitude. We commend you on your team and hope that any prospective customer would be happy to contact us for a reference and view our result which we see as an investment not only in dollar terms but in family fun and communication. A swimming pool is like a magnet for family and friends and it is so good to see people enjoying fun in the home without having to pay for entertainment elsewhere.


Your advice on connecting Heat Pump units to the pool certainly has extended the season and means that we can swim for at least 6 months of the year. Once again a big thank you to you and your team.


Lester Haycock
Clevedon, Auckland.



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