Cliffside pool

This cliff-edge pool maximises the breathtaking views

Nestled between two sides of their two-storey house, this family seized the opportunity to create their own backyard pool oasis during their new house build. With the stunning backdrop of the Waitematā Harbour, they opted for dark fencing and a natural floor colour and blue mosaic borders, mirroring the sparkling waters of the Auckland Harbour.

Early involvement is essential

Recognising the challenging space constraints posed by living cliffside on the Waitematā harbour, both the homeowners and their architect understood the necessity of installing the pool prior to constructing the house. Damian, operations manager at Frontier Pools, emphasises the collaborative nature of the process, involving builders, architects, and homeowners in bringing this pool to life. Given the impossibility of installing the pool post-construction, meticulous planning was paramount from the project’s inception.

Considering the stunning backdrop, dark fencing was chosen to contrast the natural coloured pool floor, mirroring the sparkling waters of the harbour with a blue mosaic tile border. Featuring a “gin seat” positioned at the far end to enhance the views, this pool exudes elegance.

The outcome? A meticulously positioned pool nestled between the two sides of the two-story house, ensuring the family’s uninterrupted enjoyment of the expansive vistas of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.