This family created their own 'at home' resort

The owners of this fully renovated villa envisioned a pool area that exudes a resort-like ambiance. Their brief specified a deep pool with a built-in seating area for relaxation, seamlessly integrated with the entertainment hub of the poolhouse. To achieve this, they opted for a fully tiled pool, wooden decking, and lush tropical greenery.

“Frontier was fantastic in suggesting subtle design tweaks and offering tiling ideas,” says Lucie, the owner.

As part of the comprehensive house renovation, the concrete pool was excavated and installed before any other work began. Frontier then waited nine months to tile and complete the pool, ensuring no damage occurred during the house construction.

The owners love that the pool is visible from their living space and often illuminate it at night to make it a focal point. This is why they chose not to install a pool cover.

The whole family enjoys it but mostly the kids and their mates. With pool heating, they manage to swim at least 9-months a year.

Lucie’s top tips for designing a pool area:

  1. Function and Aesthetics: Consider both the functionality and visual appeal of your pool. Will the size and depth suit your needs—whether for swimming laps or just taking a plunge?
  2. Integration: Think about how the pool will blend with your house, garden, and overall landscaping.
  3. Tiling: Evaluate the benefits of fully tiling the pool for a luxurious and durable finish.