Unveiling the Hidden Complexity Behind this Flawless Vanishing Edge Pool

In the realm of pool design, achieving perfection often lies in the details, and the challenge set by the owners of this pool was nothing short of ambitious: to have the water level seamlessly aligned with the edge around the entirety of the pool. This ambitious feat, known as a flush entry or vanishing edge pool, creates a mesmerising visual effect where the water seemingly blends into the surroundings. However, the simplicity of this design belies the intricate engineering and planning required to bring this vision to life.

At first glance, the seamless transition from water to edge appears effortless, but in reality, it’s a complex undertaking. The water, seemingly meandering over the edge, needs a discreet pathway to follow. This is where the magic lies—in the hidden details.

Damian, Operations Manager of Frontier Pools, sheds light on the meticulous planning and innovation that went into achieving this unique feature. “The flush edge right around the pool is very unique,” he remarks. “It took a lot of planning and scratching heads to come up with the design that you actually can’t see.”

Beneath the surface, a network of channels and substantial piping is strategically installed under the tiles encircling the pool. This hidden infrastructure serves as a catchment area, ensuring that the water has somewhere to flow to seamlessly to maintain the desired water level.

Indeed, what appears as a simple design choice is, in reality, a testament to engineering ingenuity and attention to detail. The flawless edge of this pool is not just a visual delight but a triumph of design and innovation, revealing the beauty that lies beneath the surface.